untitled“Gladiator ” is one of the romantic movies !!! This movie explains how one could be loyal for his beloved ones even in their physical absence and how one could love and consider ” Death” his home; just because he will see his beloved ones in the after life ! As if his beloved ones mean home to him while  the real life means nothing without his wife and his son . He kept remembering them and fighting for them till died. He kept fighting for his goals, for his beloved ones, and for freedom. This movie introduced the another form of love and freedom. There will never be love without freedom. There is no fear in love and that makes him brave enough to fight; moreover, he knows that freedom has a price and it is his responsibility to pay that price. This movie discusses the unconditional love that knows no restrictions. This movie also gives further perspective for freedom. It can not be cheap or easy. It is the most expensive thing one could ever have. It demands fighting not only people but beliefs and thoughts. Freedom is not just a word, it is the biggest responsibility any person could take. Gladiator lost his home( his wife and son) but he kept fighting for a better life. This fighting that makes him stand alone and knows how great he is. Freedom means fighting and being ready to pay whatever it costs. He gets a better life for a whole nation by giving his life to this nation; he paid the price and died for saving other lives.

col But, If we can skip and see through the amazing art of piece the “gladiator” is, with the brilliant acting, amazing story line and exceptional directing; we can see that it still carries some issues around it.

Firstly: Killing; the concept of killing is arguable even if Maximus (Crowe) does it as a way of gaining freedom and for the cause of liberty, which still doesn’t change the fact that he was collecting souls in his path towards freedom. Such heavy acts of violence and killing may not seem appropriate for a big slice of people like kids, but actually the idea and concept of freedom needed to be cemented more in the brain of young people so they build a vision and future for based on that cause. Also, the blood of one’s own is heavily interpreted in the movie when the Emperor’s heir kills him for power, which takes us to the idea of cold blood, as he then declares a 150 days of fighting in the Colosseum, which if it is in the honor of his father still contains killing. So, basically it is honoring the dead by more death. Maybe to keep his late father’s company.

The other thing that can be argued about in this movie is actually the idea of slavery, if such amount of money used in the production, the good movie and the high attention towards it, as it won three academy awards, should have been used to put the modern slavery under light. As much as the old slavery makes good stories that people sympathize with, they are still all dead people and their time is gone. What is needed to be done now is put the eyes on the modern time slavery and human trafficking which the world seems deniable to in an infuriating way. Especially that modern slavery is done in a more secretive way than the past which makes its consequences more horrible as it remains hard to track and fight. And that is not its only problem but also the fact that it the specialty of criminal organizations like the mafia and the terrorism organization. That is why if the “gladiator” efforts were used for that cause , it would have saved thousands of innocent souls that are captured in the cruel chains of slavery every day.

Away from the previous, no one can argue that the “gladiator” is a spectacular movie and entertaining to watch, but it would be better if we use such good movie creations to discuss our living issues and the wars which every country in the world is facing at the moment.