Unleash the Demon

Sometimes, when we release our inner demons, it brings us closer to the ones who love us. It takes trust to release the darkest part of ourselves- and trust doesn’t come easily” -wattpad.com { Forever in his Debt- The search for a cure} written by (Sylvia Young) 

Demons; People say that Demons are human souls that became corrupted by spending years tortured in hell which basically means that every human has an inner demon that gets out when they see hell. So, what would happen if these inner demons saw hell in earth? will they unleash themselves? with who? and why?, that is what’s discussed in the previous quote that we want to spot the light on.

This quote defines the meaning of being human. The world is not full of angels; it is full of human beings who have good and bad sides.  “Inner demons” are part and parcel of our souls. By inner demons, we mean every bad habit or  characteristic of one’s personality, for instance; lying, cheating, betraying, being angry, abusing, etc… They are called inner demons, because all the previous characteristic are ones that our mind relate to demon’s habits. That is why all  humanity is hungry. This hunger is not a physical one but a psychological hunger. The main big issue is that the souls are hungry to be accepted and loved; that is why some people tend to change themselves or even deny their bad sides, which only has bad effects on them and on the people around them. The thing that a person must do is; face this bad side, accept and love it.  His/her soul is hungry to be accepted and loved not from another person but from the one himself/ herself. Human beings are not Gods, therefore they are not perfect and they will never be perfect, that’s why they should embrace this fact and love themselves for who they are. Everyone is a complete human being but not everyone is a perfect. We seek perfection but this will never  mean that we are perfect. The “inner demons” are the ways with which we see our bad sides and how we deal with it. However, We should work on ourselves and change to be better persons but we should not refuse or ignore our humanity and imperfection.

The other thing that this quote discusses is who are the people that we let our inner demons appear with; it actually mentions a new perspective here, as it says that the people we do this with are actually the people we love and trust a lot, that is why  we allow them to see the darkest parts of our souls. The human nature of needing to be loved and accepted can make them have a tight leash on their inner demons, but sometimes when they face their personal hell that have to let go, and who does one experience hell with except his/her loved ones? By personal hell we mean the situations that triggers the bad side on one’s personality, like if a man sees someone flirting with his wife, he will become jealous , angry then maybe possessive and then ,in some cases,  doubtful. That is why this quote made a relation between the inner demons and the trustworthy and loved people. If that man didn’t love his wife, he wouldn’t feel that bad. If he didn’t trust her he wouldn’t let his bad side appear in front of her. Because, as previously mentioned, Human souls are hungry for love and acceptance, so if one didn’t know that the people he lets his bad side be uncovered to, will always love and accept him, he would never do it. And perhaps, that’s why we might see in movies or novels, that the worst enemies are actually the best of friends, and we even like their scenes together or the lines they exchange, because they let their inner demons out  in hopes to hurt one another, but it actually draws them close, as they both accept the other on what they are. Sometimes we even ship the bad / good person relationships, like (Beauty and The Beast TV series) or (The Vampire Diaries) …

To Sum up, what this quote implies is that we are all perfect in being imperfect, and that is a reason to accept our selves and one another. It also says that we should be around the people who are always going to be there for us no matter what, the people who never forces us to change or hide our true selves when with them. The people who can make us freely unleash our inner demons.