well educated origins !!


“We are having a baby!!” is actually one of the most loveable and cheering sentences on earth, not just because it indicates the existence of a new life and a new family, but also because it the extension of two people in this life. A mother is usually happy because of the life growing inside her, the baby resting on her heart and the very first kicks that send her to cloud nine, and a father is usually happy because his legacy is going to live through another person carrying his name and his blood line would continue throughout another generation. All the mentioned above are great things, but the thing that makes the parents’ heart flutter to the most is seeing themselves in their kid as he is growing up starting from his features to his habits and likes. But what would happen if you take away a crucial part that helps in building the person’s personality, such as environment and nationality?, We are witnessing now a rising phenomenon of people from the middle east going to give birth in Europe or the US, in order for the newborns to have the nationality, that surely has both advantages and disadvantages, and that is what we are going to discuss from the perspective of what if a major thing happens in both countries; which side will these kids pick?

Being from a country and carrying the nationality of another carries a lot of privileges, as you can live in two places, study in two places and carry two passports, so it is all about choices, but what if the choice is so hard. The Middle East is a region that is in a constant threat of a war for many different reasons, and the newborn babies today are actually the men and women of the future. So, what if a Middle Eastern country went to war with one of the western countries that they carry the nationality of? Which side will they pick and why? In order to explain the theory, we are going to use an example of two countries and different scenarios. For instance, An Egyptian guy carrying the US nationality; It is believed that the Egyptians have a special connection to their land, some say because of the many wars that Egypt had throughout history so basically, its people are bound to it by blood, and others say because of the little things and the magic that this country holds within. On the other hand, the US is known as the country of freedom and democracy, and that the American people are among the most respected throughout the world. The privileges that an American passport carrier has are many, such as good education, high quality health insurance, good treatment in airports and while travelling, also luxury and good life standards; the things that differ from what in Egypt from poor education to low health insurance, bad treatment, as Arab are holding the print of terrorism, and not so well life standards. But that isn’t what life is really about right?

Historians believe that the reason the Middle Eastern countries are” keeping it together” is due to the unified strong social fabric; represented in the unity of families and loyalty of friends. While in the US these things don’t carry such importance and are usually neglected and observed as the ties that hinders one’s progress. All these reasons would put the previously mentioned guy or girl in a bad position of which side they are willing to choose. This article is not going to provide an answer for that, it is actually a question for each one out there, and what do you think they shall choose? Shall it be the roots, family, land and friends, or better future, education health and insured future for their kids? As a human being, what carries most importance to you? The past or the future, and can the present be a land of compromise and peace constituted by those who shall refuse to choose in a state of war, and rather maintain peace between the two spheres of the globe?

In conclusion; Environment and origins do not change people, it just influences them and help in making them better people, so if it would hold you back, you don’t just let go, you fight. Fight to maintain the past and help in building a better future. Aspire for the best and dream of the better. Transfer the good things from a place to another, help in changing times and do not give up the privileges of the west and the beauty of the east. Give the world the peace it needs by working hard and giving the best image you can, no matter where you are from. In my opinion, only people standing on borders can help erase the barriers between a country and another.



Scribbles of life

             images              Education is not only in schools, ignorance is not about reading and writing.  In fact, the world is the only school that can make good or bad persons. It is all about how people receive their education in this big school that called ” the world”.
Any living creature is a learner in this school. However; every person has his own pencil with which he/she writes down every experience, lesson, and dream. This pencil carries the identity of its user and the paper carries his/her life, wile the eraser carres the burden of mistakes.
                          “But it’s like any other pencil I’ve  ever seen!”
“That depends on how you look at things…” Paulo Coelho introduced this idea long time ago. Coelho wrote “the story of the pencil” by which he gives new meanings for life.
The pencil can be seen as if it is just a piece of wood with graphite in the inside and can be seen as the dream achievers.
This pencil can be broken but it can not lose its value. Being broken will never underestimate its real value.It is like anyone in this world (this school) that can pass through difficult experiences  and can make mistakes, but it can not lose its value whatever happens.This pencil can write poems and also can write nonsense. It is all about how it is guided.
In the world, every person has  his own identity and value that can never be lost.
May be one can be broken but one can not be nothing.The real value of the pencil is in the inside; its values lay in the graphite. Typically like anyone whose value is in his identity not in his actions, achievements and success.  Being created and exited in this school means that you have a priceless value. This value that exists before even your actions, achievements, and success exist.  Everyone is totally unique person that can never be evaluated by his/her appearance.In the world, that represents the biggest school, the pencil is a crucial element in learning.
                         Simply because pencil also writes down his owner’s life story. So be careful how your life is going. It is not that easy to erase your mistakes with an eraser and keep on moving and writing. Actually, it takes time and effort to erase a mistake from your paper ( your life). The beat thing about a pencil is that whatever it writes, it can be erased. The mistakes in our lives are not the end of our life, it is a beginning of new lesson. Here comes one’s responsibility to handle his/her mistakes; One can choose to keep on moving and learning and the other can choose to threw away the paper and the pencil.
This world depends on decisions and how decision makers were once children.
To become a decision maker means to become flexible with your mistakes and past.

                                 The eraser may seem the most forgotten tool in a student’s pencil case, although it is the thing that is used the most. The eraser erases typos, and mistakes. And Just like how the eraser comes attached to the end of a pencil, it is also attached to human’s brain. What human never makes mistakes? No one, we all do, we all fall in the intriguing manipulative paths of the devil, but an eraser teaches us that there is always a way back, that there is always a chance for redemption. The eraser is that U-turn that appears in the road to tell you that you can go back and start from the beginning, that you have another chance and take care not to waste it. Mistakes and Redemption are like 2 beacons; each alluring a specific side in our souls. Sometimes, we go in this way and sometimes we go in that, but it’s not bad nor is it wrong. Making mistakes is what makes us humans and seeking redemption and forgiveness is what makes us alive. They both continue each other, just like a pencil and an eraser; if there wasn’t pencil writing and making mistakes, the eraser would be useless, and if there wasn’t an eraser, the pencil would then become afraid to write anything, which makes it also useless. If a certain person knew that he/she can’t erase their mistakes, they would never try anything which will make them living dead, and if God didn’t give the human a way back, he would have created a flawless humanity. It is totally approved and accepted for us to make mistakes and try to use our erasers to wipe them off; it is actually recommended to go on with life and don’t trap ourselves in the past and never let it define the present and the future. On the other hand, an eraser doesn’t teach us only that, but it also teaches us that whenever it is used, it gets dirtier and smaller. Our mistakes are just like that, they define us, and we should know that we have a few shots in erasing them before our erasers end. So, just as much as we need to use the flexible erasers to wipe off our mistakes, we should bear in mind that it won’t last forever and that we should take care and know that every mistake counts, because it doesn’t just hold us back but it also takes much of our effort and lives to forget and erase.

On Balance, a pencil is just like a human being, it writes down his  story; his life, his passions, achievements, success and mistakes. And an eraser is just like the human passion and instinct that seeks forgiveness and erasing the mistakes he has ever made. So, be careful and picky when you write your story , make mistakes, but erase wisely and learn from them, and remember that you only have few papers to fill out so write with wisely and lively. May everyone’s papers always be  colorful and full with life.